Contactless technology at TapKit refers to a combination of technologies working together to create one great experience in the hands of users. 

The first part of Contactless Technology at TapKit is NFC. NFC or Near Field Communication is where the contactless part of the whole tech comes from. NFC comes in various formats but it is most commonly seen as NFC tags, small circular or square labels and with TapKit they are found behind Tap Points. Tap Points being the touch points on products or points of interest that users interact with. NFC tags send content and data over to a user when their smart phone is tapped near or on them.

The next part of the technology is the software. The software TapKit has developed allows users to interact with Tap Points on products and points of interest like never before. It turns an ordinary NFC tag into a branded experience full of useful content and data to both the users and the business. The software powers the whole experience behind the scenes and allows users to be delivered dynamic and rich content and gives the business valuable data.  

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